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Our Values


Quality - Uninhibited Brands prides themselves on being health conscious and environmentally friendly. We offer premium USDA Certified Organic and the finest natural ingredients, to include therapeutic grade essentials oils and butters that are organic, 100% pure cold pressed,  raw and natural, unrefined (virgin), vegan and cruelty free. Organic ingredients that are not only good for the skin, but are also good for the environment.  Candles are mainly made of soy wax (minimizing toxins, carcinogens or pollutants and non-allergenic) or soy/paraffin blend. Beaded jewelry is handcrafted with natural, semi-precious gemstones.

Adaptable - can be formulated to meet individual needs to accommodate allergies, pregnancy and any limiting factors.


Holistic - carefully formulated with the purest ingredients possible to support the mind, body and a spiritual connection. High quality gemstones that provide unique healing powers, calming effects, cleansing from fear, and therapeutic benefits.

Protection - carefully selected natural ingredients for the purpose of protecting and soothing the skin without harmful chemicals that can cause breakouts and other skin irritations. High quality gemstones and crystals are used for protection from negative energies. 


Awareness - culturally aware of multicultural skin care needs and fashion. Some might say "skin is skin" and although we are evolving into a more inclusive culture, we are aware that some  of our multicultural consumers have a history of being mislead to believe in products that contain hydroquinone and alcohol. In contrast, we want to introduce the benefits of natural ingredients. 

Confidence - we put an emphasis on "care" in skin care and elegance of style. Our intent is to enhance your natural beauty and style, while building confidence and uplifting your spirit.

CEO: Karyn Lewis

Customer Service: (240) 794-2355

Founded: Jul 2018

HQ: Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Profiles: IG @shopculturalelegance  FB: @shopculturalelegance



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