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Disclaimer: Essential oils are concentrated and should not be used if  you have sensitivity to any of the essetial oils like below.


Available  in 1 & 2 fl oz.


All natural fragrant liquid made from 10 therapeutic grade essential oils extracted from flowers and spices. Stimulates blood circulation beneath the skin; increased flow helps bring more nutrients to the hair follicle for a fuller, healthier, and fast growing beard.


Directions: Apply a few drops to the skin underneath your beard.  Use fingers to massage serum into skin for 20 - 30 secs. Best used immeditely after shower and before balm or butter.


Ingredients:  Aragon, Jojoba, Grapeseed oils and 10 therapeutic grade essential oils




Cherry Tobacco - A favorite with the ladies! The sweet maraschino cherries blend with the earthy notes of tobacco will radiate your masculinity, confidence, maturity and arouse her senses, giving her all the smells without the smoke!


Tobacco Rum - She loves to be held tight in your arms! This is a masculine blend with the smell of fresh tobacco mixed with a hint of dark rum. The vintage smell of a man.


Cedar Leather - She's dreams of a her  ideal man! When she inhales this classic masculine scent of amber, musk and tonka bean mixed with leather, she will want to stay wrapped  in your arms forever! 


Tobacco Vanilla - Show her your  sophisiticated side! Ths seductively smooth and sweet scent will warm your room with Tobacco Vanilla for a romatic evening, but also turn heads  during the day!

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