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Calm - Help calm skin inflammation and redness, improve sleep quality, and alleviate anxiety. Great for skin condition like eczema & psoriasis.

Relax - Calming blend for mind, body & skin. Reduce acne blemishes, large pores, lift and tighten, even skin tone, and naturally slow signs of aging. Use on face, body or pulse points for relaxation & rejuvenation.

Revive - Keeps skin hydrated and healthy, reduce inflammation, acne blemishes, large pores, lift and tighten skin to naturally slow signs of aging. Help plump surface of skin for a tighter and supple appearance.

Passion - Enhance physical and emotional connection, encourage feelings of happiness and focus on the present help to relieve stress and anxiety. Promote feelings of calm and relaxation.

Stress and Mood - A natural remedy to help alleviate stress and anxiety, tension headaches, muscle pain, menstrual cycle pain & increase energy & libido.

Face and Body Oil

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