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2oz Spray Bottle


Relax - Lavender (anti-inflammatory and calm)

                Eucalyptus (relieves nasal congestion and kills bacteria)

                Peppermint (anti-septic/cooling essential oils)

                Witch Hazel Facial Toner w/Aloe Vera (soothes the skin)

                Alcohol 70%


Breathe- Lemongrass (anti-fungal & soothes irritated skin)

                   Lavender (anti-inflammatory/calm)

                   Peppermint (anti-septic/cooling) essential oils

                   Witch Hazel Facial Toner w/aloe vera (soothes skin)

                   Alcohol 70%

Energizing- Tangerine refresh/focus

                             Bergamont antibacterial/acne

                             Peppermint anti-septic/cooling essential oils

                             Vegetable Glycerin (improve skin health)

                             Witch hazel Facial Toner w/Aloe Vera (soothes skin)

                             Alcohol 70%


Clean and Fresh - Lemongrass (antifungal & soothe irritated skin)

                                    Orange (anti-microbial/immune support

                                    Teatree antibacterial/reduced cough essential oils

                                    Witch hazel facial toner with aloe vera soothe skin

                                    Alcohol 70%

Refresher Spray

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Do not use if sensitive to essential oils. Not medicine, discontinue use if experiencing irritation.

  • Spray on mask before and after use during the day to disinfect & refresh. Let dry. Wash mask daily.

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